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Jewish Holidays - At a Glance
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Tu B'shvat 25th January (Mon) 11th February (Sat) 31st January (Wed) 21st January (Mon) 10th February (Mon) 28th January (Thu) 17th January (Mon)
Purim 24th March (Thu) 12th March (Sun) 01st March (Thu) 21st March (Thu) 10th March (Tue) 26th February (Fri) 17th March(Mon)
Passover* 23rd April (Sat) to
29th April (Fri)
11th April (Tue) to
17th April (Mon)
31st March (Sat) to
06th April (Fri)
20th April (Sat) to
26th April (Fri)
09th April (Thu) to
15th April (Wed)
28th March (Sun) to
4th April (Sat)
16th April (Sat) to
22nd April (Fri)
Holocaust Day 05th May (Thu) 24th April (Mon) 12th April (Thu) 02nd April (Thu) 21st April (Tue) 07th April (Thu) 28th April (Thu)
Independence Day 12th May (Thu) 02nd May (Tue) 19th April (Thu) 09th May (Thu) 29th April (Wed) 15th April (Thu) 05th May (Thu)
Lag Ba'omer 26th May (Thu) 14th May (Sun) 03rd May (Thu) 23rd May (Thu) 12th May (Tue) 30th April (Fri) 19th May (Thu)
Shavuot* 12th June (Sun) 31st May (Sun) 20th May (Sun) 09th Jun (Sun) 29th May (Fri) 17th May (Mon) 05th June (Sun)
Tisha BeAv 14th August (Sun) 01st August (Tue) 22nd July (Sun) 11th August (Sun) 30th July (Thu) 18th July (Sun) 07th August (Sun)
Rosh HaShanah 03rd October (Mon)
04rd October (Tue)
21st September (Thu)
22nd September (Fri)
09th September (Sun)
10th September (Mon)
29th September (Sun)
30th September (Mon)
19th September (Sat)
20th September (Sun)
07th September (Tue)
08th September (Wed)
25th September (Mon)
26th September (Tue)
Yom Kippur 12th October (Wed) 30th September (Sat) 19th September (Wed) 09th October (Wed) 28th September (Mon) 16th September (Thu) 05th October (Wed)
Succoth 17th October (Mon) to
23rd October (Sun)
05th October (Thu) to
11th October (Wed)
24th September (Mon) to
30th September (Sun)
14th September (Mon) to
20th September (Sun)
03rd October (Sat) to
09th October (Fri)
21st September (Tue) to
27th September (Mon)
10th October (Mon) to
16th October (Sun)
Shmini Atzeret** / Simhat Torah 24th October (Mon) 12th October (Thu) 02nd October (Tue) 22th October (Tue) 10th October (Sat) 29th September (Tue) 17th October (Mon)
Simhat Torah ** 25th October (Tue) 13th October (Fri) 03rd October (Wed) 23rd October (Wed) 11th October (Sun) 29th September (Wed) 18th October (Tue)
Channukah 25th December (Sun) to
01st January (Sun)
13th December (Wed) to
20th December (Wed)
03rd December (Mon) to
10th December (Mon)
23rd December (Mon) to
30th December (Mon)
11th December (Fri) to
18th December (Fri)
29th November (Mon) to
05th December (Mon)
19th December (Mon) to
26th December (Mon)
* In Diaspora an additional day is celebrated
** In Diaspora