Magazines Published by Indian Jews
MaiBOLI (Marathi) Quarterly           Chief Editor: Noah Massil          
Among over 50,000 Indian Jews living in Israel, 70% either they themselves or their ancestors migrated from the state of Maharashtra. Due to this fact, Marathi is still widely spoken in the Indian Jewish families residing in Israel and is also a major means of communication amongst the Indian Jewish community even during their get-togethers and functions. Several brochures, pamphlets and newsletters were published in Marathi from time to time in Israel.

In 1985, Mr. Noah Massil took the initiative to establish a Marathi quarterly in Israel. He made an effort to bring together the marathi loving writers and publishers. Among them were late Mrs. Flora Samuel, ex-principal of Sir Eli Kadoori school in Bombay; late Mr. Levi Elijah, editor "Shalom", late Mr. Effrahim N.S., editor "Yad"; late Mr. David Kumar Kandlekar, editor "Parijat"(Marathi editions), Mr. Moses Chandgawkar, Mr. Issac Awaskar, Mr. Pessach Charikar.

The name "MAI BOLI" for this magazine was suggested by Mr. Massil and approved by the founder members. It was decided to publish it as a quarterly magazine in Israel. All the Marathi lovers were informed through the Indian Jewish Social workers, Synagogues and other local organizations.

Late Mrs. Flora Samuel took the charge as the chief of the editorial board. Since, the Marathi typing facility was not available locally; Mr. Massil, Mr. Effrahim N.S., Mr. Issac Awaskar and those with good handwriting took the tough job of penning down the articles and decorate the pages for printing. It was a tedious job but they worked day and night to complete the hand written magazine.

Later, Mr. Ralphy Jhirad – the then Director of ORT India offered the Desk Top Publishing facility and got the material typed on computer for which the Maiboli editorial board and publishers are grateful. Since the year 1998, "Mai Boli" is typed locally in Israel as the Marathi fonts became available.

After the sad demise of Mrs. Flora Samuel in 1999, Mr. Noah Massil was appointed the chief editor and president of Maiboli magazine. Mr. Massil's has a great command over the Marathi language and has published two poetry books. He is a good writer, speaker and a leading founder member which makes him the right candidate for this respectful position.

The magazine became popular not only in Israel but even amongst the Jewish community of Indian origin outside Israel. This magazine was appreciated in India by late Mr. Gadkari, the ex-editor of "The Maharashtra Times" and "Lok Satta" and Chairman of "Jagatik Marathi Parishad". The Jagatik Marathi Parishad under the able presidentship of Mr. Sharad Pawar held the international conference of Marathi speakers in Jerusalem, Israel, on the 7th - 8th October 1996. Mr. Massil lead the Israeli organizing committee and co-ordinated the conference.

Maiboli has more than 500 subscribers in Israel. The subscription is on no-profit base. They proudly celebrate Maharashtra Day on the 1st of May every year. On this day Marathi dramas, songs, dances are presented accompanied by lunch with Indian flavour. Famous artists from Maharashtra state are also invited as a guest of honor. To grace this occasion the Indian Ambassador in Israel is always present along with other guests from abroad.

Maiboli has members in Europe & U.S.A, who send articles and reports of their activities for publication, as this is the only Marathi quarterly, regularly published in Europe and the Middle East. Maiboli also gives an opportunity to the younger generation to write in Hebrew for this magazine.

"Maiboli is a bridge between Israel and all Marathi speakers, deserves to be saluted for their contribution in strengthening bonds between India, Israel and abroad." said late Mr. Madhav Gadkari, the founder member of Jagatik Marathi Parishad, journalist, writer and the then editor of Lokstta- a leading Marathi newspaper in India.