Books Published by Indian Jews
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The Jews of Pakistan by Yoel Reuben
This book is a detailed account of the Bene Israel Community in Pakistan. It contains documents, pictures and has useful information on Magen Shalom Synagogue of Karachi which does not exist now. Most of the Jews from Pakistan either immigrated to Israel or India. It is worth reading and learn about the forgotten Heritage of our Bene Israel Community which lived in Pakistan.
The Synagogues in India (בית כנסת בהודו) by Ben Eliyahu and Shellim Shmuel
The Jewish Community in India has set up a number of synagogues in Mumbai (Bombay), New Delhi, Calcutta, Cochin apart from in villages like Pen, Panvel, Alibaug etc. The oldest Jewish Synagogue in India is 'The Pardesi Synagogue' in Cochin. The Bene Israels constructed their first synagogue in Mumbai in the year 1796 named 'Shaar HaRahamim' (Gate of Mercy) Synagogue.