Books Published by Indian Jews
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Bene Israel of India Heritage and Customs (English) by Nissim Moses
In 1998 the author embarked on what appeared to him at that time, an impossible task of developing an integrated family tree of the Bene Israel Community. In the process, the author started collecting and came across a variety of historical, communal, cultural and other information and data.
Bereshit (Marathi) by Yosef R. Dandekar
Mr. Yosef Dandekar has made a humble attempt to translate the Parasha and Haftara portions that appear in the first book of Moses 'Bereshit' into Marathi language for the benefit of the members of the Indian Jewish community who still feel more comfortable with this language.
Bombay: Exploring the Jewish Urban Heritage (English) by Dr. Shaul Sapir
This book is a result of 9 years of research by Bombay born author and Hebrew University professor of Historical Geography. It unfolds the captivating saga of the Jewish community in Bombay and its contribution to the city's urban landscape and heritage. Each section is prefaced by a detailed map that adds to the vivid description and illustration. It contains around 500 coloured photographs.
Cochin Jew Town Synagogue (English) by Abraham Barak Salem
Cochin is a town in the extreme South-West of India. This book is intended to enable the visitor to have basic idea of the Jews and their Synagogue in Cochin. This guide points out at the interesting things so as to enable visitors to take maximum profit and enrich their minds. It causes them to pause and look at life from a new point of view and a new vision.
Dropped from Heaven (English) by Sophie Judah
Short stories, fiction based in the imaginary town of Jwalanagar. Covers 100 years of Bene Israel presence in the town - from Colonial India through Independence, creation of Israel and the emigration of the Jewish population to the ancient Homeland.