Books Published by Indian Jews
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God Man & Religion (English) by Jacob Aaron Jhirad
This book is dedicated to Sri Ramana Maharishi - the great Indian sage, whose thoughts have greatly enlightened the author. It gives a glimpse of the wondrous divine life which is truly your real self. The author suggests that human being is only an instrument through which the will of God gets executed. The whole subject has been taken in the most liberal and generous manner. The author has dealt with the three topics seperately and partially independently.
Guide to Bene Israel Ceremonies (2nd Edition) Compiled by Shimeon Kollet
The Bene Israel community, after having stayed together as one large family in India suddenly began dispersing to all parts of the world. The Bene Israel community is fast, for better or worse, being amalgamated in the world Jewry.
Jews in other parts of the world altered their rituals to suit the times, whereas the Bene Israel of India continued with their prayers and rituals their forefathers handed over to them. The change is visible partly due to necessity and partly through ignorance. Fearing that these ceremonies would die out or be completely altered, the author has thus tried his best to compile them in its original form. He has given the instructions (in English and Hebrew) in a very simple form even understandable by novice.
Haggadah shel Pesach (Translated and Transliterated into Marathi with Halachot) by Rabbi Shmuel Ben-Shalom (Divekar)
Handbook for Bene Israel Hazans A very useful and comprehensive handbook and guide for Hazans of Bene Israel synagogue to follow the traditional order of service by Shimeon Kollet
Home Ceremonies (Marathi transliteration and instructions and Halachot in English and Marathi) by Rabbi Shmuel Ben-Shalom (Divekar)
Of Muse and Memories by Rebecca Yehezkiel
This is an unusal life story of Rebecca Yehezkiel - a talented Bene Israel artist from the days of her young childhood, which brought her in contact with most inspirational, exciting and colorful scenes of India as her family moved from Poona to Ajmer in the desert. She never forgot her Bene Israel Community and family traditions. The text accompanying the paintings are as if you go back to India - you could practically see it, feel it and smell it. One should not only read and enjoy but also keep in one's library as an artistic treasure both for its text as well as paintings.